Sunday, March 18, 2012

Windows 8 Secrets Revealed!

Windows 8 is one of the most anticipated and innovative products from Microsoft. We already know a lot about this new OS thanks to various publications and internet. But there are some important points to note about Windows 8. By now everyone knows that Windows Media Center will be present in Windows 8 but there will be no Zune. A method will be there to synchronize WP (Windows Phone) and Zune devices. The demos given by Microsoft have already revealed that Windows 8 includes Metro-style apps for music and video that looks a lot like Windows Phone. Some experts have opined that you will get the same digital experiences in Windows 8 as you will get in Windows Phone 8.

1. New Button Combo
Windows 8 PCs will now be joined to a domain and will be able to implement the CTRL+ALT+DEL sequence without the keyboard. The on-screen keyboard option will be there to log into a domain-joined PC, but the more quicker option now will be Windows Key + Power.
2. Hardware Buttons
Microsoft has said that all Windows 8 PCs should have 5 hardware buttons. These buttons are – Power, Rotation Lock, Windows Key, Volume Up and Volume Down. The best thing is that the Windows key can be in any shape – circular or rectangular.
3. No Reboot Driver Upgrades
Microsoft has also stipulated that all Windows 8 PCs will support no-reboot upgrade of graphic card drivers. There are no XDDM drivers in Windows 8 which makes enforcement easier and will be warmly embraced by all those who love gaming.
4. Windows 8 Tablets will be sold by Wireless Carriers
Since Windows 8 will include the DataSmart cellular Data capability, there are speculations around that wireless carriers will soon be selling Windows 8 tablets at low prices. The Windows 8 tablets are expected to be very cost effective. There is unconfirmed news that Nokia is working to develop a Windows 8 tablet. Though these are still early days, don’t be surprised if you find Nokia declaring that they are launching a Windows 8 tablet in the market.
5. Skype Integration
Windows Phone 8 will include a Skype application which is a standard application nowadays. Most of us use Skype on PCs today so it is only natural that Skype will be integrated into Windows 8.
6. Can Windows 8 run Windows Phone 8 apps
This will be the most common question haunting the minds of many and you will be happy to know that ARM based versions of Windows 8 can run Windows Phone 8 applications. This is possible because Windows Phone 8 work on ARM chipsets and is broadly based on the Windows 8 kernel and other important components. In fact, the Intel based version of Windows 8 can also run the Windows Phone 8 applications. This is possible through emulation or virtualization.
You will be happy to note that there are simply no compromises in Windows 8. Everyone is just eagerly waiting for the official release of this latest product from the Microsoft stable. After all, the demo given by the Microsoft was very impressive indeed.
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