Saturday, March 17, 2012

Moms Can Make Money as a Freelancer

Moms Can Make Money as a Freelancer
There is a huge advantage of working as a freelancer, mostly because you can stay at home and can set your own working hours. You don’t have to give a full 8 hour shift every day. Just give it a few hours here, few hours there and you are cool. Maybe you have to take a break and attend your kids; your work will be inside your computer and no boss to shout at you. There are many freelance market places that you can take advantage of. Such website that I recommend is odesk. Lots of stay at home mammas like you work there and get weekly payments through paypal, direct bank deposit, wire transfer and many more.

One benefit for working as a freelancer is that you will be able to get in communication with a real person as your employer. You may have to talk with him/her on the skype, phone, through email and instant messages that will never make you feel bored.
But what you can do on a freelance marketplace, anything and everything that has a genuine demand. You can work as a technical staff, system administrator, web designer (like I do) graphic designer, consultant etc. You choose what you do, when you do, how much you get paid and whom you should work with. There are other freelance websites to try. If odesk seems very crowded then you may also try Elance. If you love working with others and setting your own work hours, then freelancing is the way to make a lot of money for mothers.

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